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The Mediterranean Lifestyle, More Than A Diet!

LifestyleMelisa Koyunseven
The Mediterranean Lifestyle, More Than A Diet!



How does the famous Mediterranean lifestyle differ from others and how can one adapt it?

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, Mediterraneans do it right! It’s not only the Mediterranean Diet, but the whole “Mediterranean lifestyle” that can make a difference to your mental health. The Mediterranean is one of the cleanest, happiest and healthiest places to live on Earth, thanks to a balanced lifestyle in an exceptional climate and beautiful nature. It shows the lowest obesity rates and longer life spans than any other people in developed countries.

Mediterranean Lifestyle

Spend time with friends and family

Family plays an important role for Mediterraneans. It's common that several generations share and live in one household. This lifestyle encourages communal care of young children and the elderly. Older family members stay in close touch with loved ones and are less likely to be receiving nursing care which can also induce depression.  

With their open minded and talkative personality, Mediterranean people spend most of their social time outdoors. Going out with friends or family, enjoying a cool beer and something small to eat is the normal way of life. It’s not just what Mediterraneans eat, it’s how they eat it. People gather round for meals with others to catch up the local news and socialise. They eat with friends and family and have lively conversations instead of sitting in front of the TV or constantly checking their mobile phones.

Find time to be active and relax

With generally pleasant temperatures all year round there is every reason to spend as much time possible outside in nature. A run at the beach in the morning, hiking in the beautiful countryside or a walk to the market are just normal routine for the people here in the Mediterranean. People are more likely to climb steep hills and steps as part of their daily routine. They walk to the store instead of driving and work in their gardens. Just being outside and active is the key. You don't have to hit the gym as movement in any way is heart healthy. Leave your car in the garage and try to be physically active as possible.

Laugh often

The simplest pleasures of life, letting the sun shine on your face, enjoying the sea breeze, laughing and relaxing with friends are surely very high on the list for wellbeing. Live well, laugh often & love more.

Enjoy the simple things in live

The Mediterranean lifestyle means less stress. People know that worrying doesn't fix problem. Slowing down for an afternoon siesta encourages lower blood pressure and reduces the odds of cardiovascular disease.  They are hard working, enjoy life and easy going by nature. Living a less materialistic lifestyle with less rushing and less self-inflicted stress are the main reasons for happiness and wellbeing. You deserve to be happy and it wouldn’t be right to let stress get in the way.

It's not necessary to change all your daily habits but only a few small changes in your daily routine to live a happier, healthy and relaxed life.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle, more than a diet!

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”