By Gloria Mottini


Cook like an Ancient Tuscan Cooking Class Italy - The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Erfahrung, in the German language means Experience.
The word comes from the ancient Irfaran, which that means to travel.
“Those who travel without encountering the others, do not travel, but move.”

Once upon a time a girl named Gloria was born in Fiesole, the village on a hilltop overlooking Florence, Italy. She grew up in a family with extravagant culinary influences!

Cook like an Ancient Tuscan Cooking Class Italy - The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Mom’s family from Sicily but having spent many years in Africa, dad’s family from Northern Italy and from Rome, a grandma pastry, a grandpa inventor in the kitchen and then Gloria, passionate about cooking since childhood! So one day she decided to share her family home, culinary knowledge, ancient local recipes, legends and traditions with curious travellers from all around the world!

Her hometown is full of history because it is an ancient Etruscan village, so living this experience means discovering the deep roots go Tuscan cuisine, learning how to prepare an entire ancient Tuscan meal starting from scratch and using only your hands in a family, relaxing and fairy atmosphere. The recipes are 2,800 years old and it’s not only about cooking but also discovering the legends, symbols and food habits of an ancient and mysterious civilization!”

Cook like an Ancient Tuscan Cooking Class Italy - The Mediterranean Lifestyle

If we think about an old style way of traveling it means most of the time: escape and relax! And it’s still like that, but nowadays we see that there is developing also another kind of travel mood style: the Experiential Travel! Focused on Uniqueness, Involvement and Authenticity.

Cook like an Ancient Tuscan Cooking Class Italy - The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Who are the leading actors of this new way of traveling and what is the connection?
The two protagonists are experiential travellers and locals, who meet thanks to the experiences (offered by locals). So experiences are the connection!

Which are the most important features about experiences?
Human contact, access to hidden gems, local way of living, genuineness, a kind of new luxury, being the protagonist of our trip, emotional & passionate feelings, factory of indelible memories.

What does it mean traveling according to the new experiential parameters?
Move away from the tourist beaten paths to explore hidden places.

To taste a more local and therefore genuine sense of the country we have decided to visit.

What do travellers get?
Greater gratification! The discovery of a new culture through local food, traditions, people and customs.

Here is the data from a recent survey by Skift U.S. Experiential Survey.
”What’s more important to you when planning a trip?” were asked to a sample of travellers were asked. The 65% answered: “Experience something new”. Current travellers want to combine experiences, learning, adventures and emotions because they are looking for a different perspective on the world.

Moreover some experiential travellers were interviewed about how they felt after taking part in a local experience, here some of their tales stories:

“I did not feel like a spectator but part of the experience with an active role”

“The most amazing thing I’ve ever done on a trip” “A way to make new friends and feel at home”

“When you leave you feel enriched, do not take away with you only notions but come home knowing that experience will remain within you forever”

“Being a tourist means touching the surface of things, being an experiential traveler means penetrating the culture and soul of the places we visit”

Cook like an Ancient Tuscan Cooking Class Italy - The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Gloria Mottini Experience - Cook like an Ancient Tuscan is a family culinary experience that allow you to plunge yourself in the Ancient Tuscan food, atmosphere and flavors, handled since 2016 by Gloria and her family.

This article was published first in the TML Magazine Issue 1, 2018.