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Christina Bussmann, the founder of Maravillas Bags, stood up against mass-produced goods already when she was a fashion student in Florence, Italy. She stands for individuality and asserting one’s own style. Today we understand the devastating effect the production of fast- fashion has: exploitation of environment and people. The founding of the sustainable label Maravillas Bags ‒ which now reaches its fifth successful year ‒ was a logical move for Christina. Fair paid workers and a minimalistic ecological footprint are not just important to Christina, but also to her clients. Furthermore, both environmental friendliness and fairness are in accordance with the Zeitgeist.

Maravillas Bags - The Mediterranean Lifestyle
Maravillas Bags - The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Our focus is on timeless design rather than fast fashion. Our bags have a clean design and are more than just functional. The use of innovative, sustainable, natural and vegetable materials in local production is a passion of ours. We combine progress, quality and urban design with traditional craftsmanship. Our studio is located in Spain in Palma’s charming district Son Españolet. Here we work with local people with top-notch experience in the manufacturing of bags. As a result of keeping production local, we avoid long transport of our goods and remain transparent in all our work. Larger orders are handed to our other workshops in the region, which also reflects a trusting relationship with our producers (locally produced = zero emission).

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