Seven Greek delicacies you should definitely try!

By Maria Athanasopoulou

Greek Bougatsa - The Mediterranean Lifestyle


This is the most tasty breakfast! We are talking about pastry sheet sprinkled with powdered sugar,  stuffed with a sweet cream. There is the sweet version with the crème and the cheese version. You can choose according to your personal preferences!

Greek Feta Cheese - The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Feta cheese

The famous Greek cheese, with oil and oregano, is undoubtedly one of the most delicious Greek gastronomic proposals!

Greek salad

The Greek salad is world famous. Tomatoes, cucumber, onion and other fresh vegetables, feta cheese, oregano salt, pepper and Greek olive oil, form a healthy yet very tasted salad!

Greek Salad - The Mediterranean Lifestyle
Greek Bread - The Mediterranean Lifestyle


Greeks love bread! Try it and you will understand the reason. It's because they make it very tasty! Do not just stay in the classic proposal, try olive bread as well as cheese bread!


Greeks live closely to the sea, so it is natural to love too much the flavors of seafood. Greeks know how to cook seafood recipes!

Greek Seafood - The Mediterranean Lifestyle
Greek Loukoumades - The Mediterranean Lifestyle


Loukoumades are yeast frighten in hot oil and covered with honey! Another Greek proposal for your breakfast! Loukoumades are delightful and tasty!

Greek coffee

The Greek coffee is one of the tastiest coffees you've tried! Its strong, with good taste and it will wake you up and give you the energy you need!

Greek Coffee - The Mediterranean Lifestyle

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