To get to know what a country is really about, it’s not enough to only discover the culture, the landscapes and cities, but also to explore and experience the secrets of the local cuisines. Prepare delicate meals with local meat and fish, locally grown and harvested vegetables and fruits and of course the world famous Mediterranean olive oil.



ConvivIo Rome

Convivio Rome offers 3 and 5 night Italian cooking holidays, day cooking classes, olive tours and wine tours in the Sabine Hills, an ancient and unspoilt region in the Roman countryside. Let Guido, an 8th generation Italian, born in Rome, and Sally, his Australian wife, guide you around their beautiful area that is unknown to mass tourism. You will enjoy getting away from the crowds, out into the fresh air and learning something new. All activities include a visit to Sally and Guido's family home with spectacular views over the Sabine Hills, an area dotted with ancient monasteries, medieval hilltop villages, kms of olive trees and grape vines and rolling hills. You will enjoy being fully immersed in authentic Italy and a truly mediterranean experience.

Convivo Rome

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Convivio Rome
Via Montevallo, 30
02039 Toffia, Italy
T: +39 3331040144




Cook in Tuscany

Cook in Tuscany

Cook in Tuscany is a 6-day all-inclusive Tuscan experience in the medieval walled village of Montefollonico, Tuscany, Italy. It includes daily cooking lessons with local women, daily excursions, winery tours, cheese making, gourmet dinners, wine, and tours of local and historic sites. Cook in Tuscany is a luxury culinary vacation for the traveler who wants to be a local, and not a tourist.  


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Cook in Tuscany
Montefollonico - Italy
T: +1 703 895 1395





Taste Algarve

Unique Gastronomic Experiences
Located in a 7 hectare farm with its own organic production, Taste Algarve offers a wide range of culinary programs including cooking classes, gastronomic tours, wine tasting, home cooking, and catering services in Algarve.
With a fantastic climate, over 300 days of sunshine per year, mild temperatures, and clear blue skies, the Algarve is the perfect location for a very pleasant holiday with outdoor activities all year round.
Our classes take place in a traditional farm, Monte do Álamo  in Tavira. Participants learn the recipes step by step, and participate in all parts of the process, from the selection of the ingredients in the local market and the farm, to the final product. At the end participants are invited to share a relaxed meal having the opportunity to taste the prepared dishes in a beautiful setting.The recipes used in this class are part of the rich and healthy Mediterranean diet, characteristic from the South of Portugal.

More than a technical class we offer an experience not only culinary but also cultural, giving the participants the opportunity to live for a few hours the lifestyle of this region in a relaxed and familiar environment.

Our cooking classes include a visit to the market and lunch (10AM - 2PM). We also offer cooking classes with dinner (5PM - 9PM). 


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English, Portuguese & Spanish

Taste Algarve
Monte do Álamo
Tavira - Algarve - Portugal
T: +351 281 0980209