Founded by Elena and Melisa Koyunseven, a mother-daughter team based on Mallorca, the beautiful Balearic Island in Spain.

‘‘We want to keep up our Mediterranean heritage and promote all the Mediterranean countries, the citizens and their lifestyle. Together with our partners and those who share the same passion we want to preserve and share their origin, culture and traditions for further generations.’’

What's important to us: 

  • Sustainability of the nature and environment

  • Respect for people, their cultures and their traditions

  • Authenticity

  • Transmission of values

  • Support local and authentic companies who want to share their lifestyle and show the beauty of their land in their very own personalised way.

Elena Koyunseven

Elena Koyunseven

As a daughter of Greek emigrants, Elena Koyunseven grew up and spent most of her formative years in Germany. However, she always knew that someday she would return to her roots in the Mediterranean. Only a few years ago the draw of the lifestyle and the warmth of the sun brought her to settle on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca in Spain.

“Surrounded by the turquoise Mediterranean sea and all its features, offers me everything I need for a balanced and happy life.''

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Melisa Koyunseven

With a Greek mother and a Turkish father Melisa Koyunseven belongs undoubtedly to the Mediterranean. On completing her studies in Germany she realised her dream to live in the Mediterranean and moved south to Mallorca. The slow and relaxed pace of life, the climate and the healthy way of living are only a few reasons why she moved to live under the sun.

‘’Life in the Mediterranean gives me all the energy and peace I’ve been looking for all these years. It’s unbelievable what impact the climate and sunshine have on my wellbeing and mood.’’