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The Mediterranean Lifestyle Cook Book

Let’s create the first “ Mediterranean cook book” together!
From people of the Mediterranean for people who love the Mediterranean cuisine.

We want to include YOUR favourite family recipe. If you believe the world needs to know about your traditional mouth watering recipe, then take the chance and send it to us. We would truly love to hear from you. All flavours and all types of dishes wanted, from tapas and meze over main dishes to deserts and pastries. We will publish as many recipes as possible on our website and book and full credit given to you of course!

The Mediterranean cuisine is not the product of a specific ethnic group, it is purely a mix of cultural influences and exchanges throughout the centuries. The characteristics are shaped by the climate and the geography of the regions. There are many common elements that unify the cuisines of the Mediterranean, but there are some major regional and cultural differences. There are three culinary regions: Southern Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa.

Southern European cuisine is found in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.

Eastern Mediterranean cuisine describes the culinary traditions of Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Egypt.

North African cuisine includes the cooking traditions of Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

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Immerse yourself in authentic culinary delights and experience cuisines rich in local influences.
Explore the fine world of wines that thrive under the Mediterranean sun.

Excursions & Tours

Sign up for an excursion or tour and let a local show you the region. Get the inside scoop on the best places to eat and the best advice on where to avoid tourist hubs.


Discover your much deserved treat and give yourself some unforgettable memories. Boost your creativity with writing, painting or photography workshops in the most beautiful scenic locations in the Mediterranean.

Sailing, Diving & Hiking in the Mediterranean 

Is there a better way than relaxing and cruising the warm Mediterranean breezes? Meditate and discover views by boat from a whole different perspective.