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Risotto with prawns and lemon

Risotto is a traditional recipe in the Italian kitchen. There are thousands of recipes and various types of rice but the carnaroli sort is the best one to prepare a risotto, whether it's a risotto with prawns and lemon or any other type. The carnaroli rice has thick and long grains, which adsorb the broth very well and maintain the "butter" phase good. Also it's not caked, which makes it my favorite.


There are different ways of preparing a risotto: With sofrito or without, stirred or unstirred, more broth or dry without liquid. But I always follow some rules:

- Do not wash the rice.

- Roast the rice well first on medium-high heat until it becomes lucid and almost transparent (about 1 minute). You have to keep stirring it all the time so it doesn't burn.

- Use a homemade broth of meat, fish or vegetables with a mild flavour depending on whether the risotto will be made with meat, fish or vegetables.

- Add boiling broth.

- Before the cooking the rice has to be always covered with the liquid so that the grains release the starch well and don't break. This way we will also get  a uninterrupted cooking.

- It doesn't matter if it's in a pot or a pan, whether it is made of aluminum or steel, the important thing is that it allows an even heat distribution.

- Add water little by little but don't wait until it has completely adsorbed before adding more.

- With a carnaroli rice the cooking time over the fire is about 13 minutes (varies a lot depending to the brand). You have to take it of the fire a bit earlier before it reaches its optimal cooking (3 minutes before) so we have time to "butter it" (it's the last preparation phase). 

- If you like to prepare the rice with the Thermomix place the butterfly to prevent the blades from breaking the grains.


PREP TIME: 30 mins - COOK TIME: 15 mins - TOTAL TIME: 45 mins



- 320 g rice

- 500 g prawns

- 1 lemon without treating 

- 1 onion 

- Water for the broth

- 1 small carrot 

- 1 glove of garlic 

- 1 glass of dry white wine 

- Extra virgin olive oil

- 1 tbsp. Butter 



1. Peel the prawns.

2. The broth will be prepared with the husks and the heads. Put a little oil and a clove of garlic in a pot and fry it. Then add the husks and heads of the prawns. Fry them and add half a glass of white wine. Let evaporate and add 2 liters of water, half an onion, a carrot and salt. Cook all for 30 minutes.

3. Heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan and saute the prawns over high heat for a couple of minutes. Let them rest once they're ready. 

4. With the help of a potato peeler we peel the lemon and cut it into thin slices. 

5. Once our broth is ready we filter it and start preparing the risotto but we will always keep the broth boiling.

6. Prepare a sauce with 3 tablespoons of oil and a half finely chopped onion.

7. When the onion is transparent add the rice and toast until it is lucid and almost transparent (about 1 minute).

8. We add half a glass of white wine and let it evaporate.

9. Now we start adding the boiling broth. First we take 2-3 scoops to cover the whole rice and stir from time to time.

10. Before the rice runs out of liquid we add more broth, 1-2 scoops at a time and stir with a spoon. We continue like this until you have about 3 minutes left for the rice to be ready. We will notice once the grain on the outside is done but the inside is still slightly raw.

11. Remove from the heat and add the sautéed prawns, stir and add a bit of butter. Stir until it's completely adsorbed.

12. Place on each plate a bit of lemon zest and sautéed shrimps to decorate and serve quickly.


The right amount of broth depends on the type of rice and its brand. The broth you're adding has to be boiling.

Serve the freshly made dish.

If you like you can also add a few drops of lemon.


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