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Republic of Slovenia

Republika Slovenija


Lake Bohinj   -   Vintgar Gorge   -   Lake Bled  -  Kranjska Gora   -  Riviera   -  Postojna Cave   -  Piran   -   Prekmurska Gibanica   -   Škocjan Caves   -   Mount Triglav



46°03′20″N 14°30′30″E


Official and national language:



April 2018 - 2,076,689


20,273 km2



World Heritage Sites


Slovenia is a parliamentary republic in southern Central Europe. Located at the crossroads of main European cultural and trade routes it is bordered by Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast, Croatia to the south and southeast and the Adriatic Sea to the southwest.

Visiting Slovenia is an absolute must. Incredibly beautiful nature, adventurous activities, friendly people and delicious food. Slovenia is really full of lush nature, mountainous beauty and breathtaking lakes. 60% of Slovenia is forest and this makes it one of the most forested countries in Europe and in the whole world! Slovenia also has 59 rivers, each clearer and bluer than the last. The ecologically diverse Slovenia is already an attraction in itself. It is the first country in the world that has been declared a green tourist destination in its entirety!

The caves of Škocjan with the underground river Canyon, the city Idrija with the once world-famous mercury mine and the bog of Ljubljana with the remains of the pile-dwelling culture are specialties of Slovenia.

The home of Lipizzans of the noble white horses has been in Lipica, in the Karst, since 1580. The oldest stud farm in Europe, where the same breed of horse has been bred without interruption for over 400 years, is a cultural-historical monument.

Lake Bled with Slovenia's only beautiful inland island has been attracted lovers for many years. The most beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding alpine peaks, offers a cliff above the lake enthroned castle, which is one of the most attractive wedding venues in Europe. The valley of emerald-green Soča is considered one of the most beautiful and best-preserved alpine rivers in Europe.